Choosing the chassis for TA-NO building

Whether you are looking for a heavy, distribution or local transport vehicle, we will advise you on an excellent chassis that is specifically designed for your vehicle.
A delivery vehicle should be precisely matched to the transport tasks that will be assigned to it.

It's not just the size of the cargo space, the load capacity, the type and specifications of the engine, but above all, the frame type, wheelbase, and rear overhang of the vehicle.
From our point of view the most important parameter is the type of vehicle frame used.
With experience and practice, we know that the best design for a chassis is the C-frame.

Another important parameter is the wheelbase of the vehicle. It should be selected for the specific type of building. Too short wheelbase may cause the vehicle to lose control, and too large may affect the weight distribution of the transported load and damage the front axle of the suspension, permanent deformation of the carrier frame, and in extreme cases, even its breaking.

With the wheelbase, there is a third important issue – the frame overhang, i.e. the length to which the chassis frame extends beyond the rear axle.
In contrast to box and container construction, where the frame length should be practically equal to the length of the body, in case of autotransporters the vehicle frame should end just behind the rear axle.

The body on the correctly configured frames is characterized by exceptional comfort and versatility.

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